Who are we?

‘Project Lucy’ is the latest project of Mexican/Dutch musical ensemble Snowapple.

Snowapple has spent the past 6 years touring the world and recording albums, playing together with a variety of musicians, amongst which a Syrian band, a Japanese ensemble and a Latvian choir. Their latest collaboration, with Mexican musicians was such a success that it resulted in multiple tours in Mexico and Europe including several TV and radio appearances.

This year Snowapple had the opportunity to work together with Mexican writer/journalist Pedro Miguel (La Jornada) and Dutch Theater Production Lab ‘Studio MAPA’ (Moving Academy for Performing Arts). In the studio Snowapple met Nora Tinholt (mime, puppetry and physical theater). Nora and Snowapple took on a new challenge and decided to make a theater play integrating music, mime, puppetry and science.

Snowapple – Theater on Location (ADM Amsterdam – JETLAG Circus Festival 2018)



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