What is Project Lucy?

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Project Lucy is a multidisciplinary play, that integrates music, mime, puppetry, and science.


Project Lucy is the first theaterplay created by multi-disciplinary music ensemble Snowapple.  For Project Lucy the band collaborates with puppeteer / theatermaker Nora Tinholt and  MAPA Studio (Moving Academy of Performing Arts). The musicians of Snowapple did a year long intensive mime-training, musicality of movement workshops and object animation masterclasses. And now they feel ready to tell stories, not only through music, but also through moving bodies and flying objects.

Who is Lucy?

In 1974 a group of archeologists discovered a 3 million year old body of a woman, who died young. They called her Lucy. She walked up-right and is considered the earliest human.

Lucy represents for us a heroine who, because of her curiosity, was buried by the rising of a river to remind us 3 million years later where we came from, reinforce our intrinsic connection with nature and obviate the idea that we all have a common ancestor. We believe the story of Lucy and other women throughout time can be an inspiration for everyone. We want to show that human beings throughout time have more in common than we sometimes think.

In the play Lucy will be represented by a life size marionette (made by Nora Tinholt). Lucy travels through time and space to meet her sisters: women who have changed the course of nations and humanity. Archaeological, historical and mythical characters are woven together into a frame story. The marionette connects the stories that are being told through Snowapple’s musical compositions. Whereby the members of the group each play one or more roles or supporting roles, and take part in the manipulation of the marionette.

The group will also make a studio recording of all the compositions of Project Lucy (to be released by ZIP Records USA/NL) and a publication with images, text and translations of the different stories.

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